Entrances Along Projects

Linn County district crews work with property owners along asphalt and concrete paving projects to meet minimum county standards and extend driveway culverts to obtain a safety slope (6:1).

Property owners are responsible for entrances. When entrances are affected by a county construction or maintenance project, property owners are invoiced for the culvert material and the county provides the labor, equipment and fill dirt to bring the entrance to minimum standards. This is an opportunity for property owners to make changes in drive location and width.  If you choose to make changes to your property’s accesses, changes are done with a permit and with owner paying for any needed culvert and surfacing of drive.

If rock surfacing is required for an entrance during a project, it is the owner’s responsibility as well. Rock surfacing may be purchased through Linn County during the project for $15 per ton (10 ton minimum).

Rock Tapers

The county will have rock tapers placed on each drive to adjust access to the new pavement. Minimum rock tapers will be used at residential entrances. The property owner is responsible for any rock within the right-of-way beyond the taper. Rock may be purchased from the county during the project for $15 per ton (minimum of 10 tons) for use within the right-of-way. The property owner is responsible for any work beyond the right-of-way and any drive improvements. Drive pavement within right-of-way may be removed without compensation or replacement.

Paved Entrances

The property owner is financially responsible for replacing or adjusting their paved entrance. The county will work with the property owner and the contractor on site if the property owner chooses to replace or adjust their paved drive. Property owners may sign up with the county to complete this work within the right-of-way by paying $6 per square foot through a work permit. Payment is based on the plan provided by property owner. Property owners are allowed to have the improvement completed privately after applying for and receiving an approved permit.