New Website

Welcome to the Newly Redesigned Linn County Website

Linn County launched this new website in February 2019. The new offers more user-friendly features with a variety of enhancements to elevate the customer experience and make doing business online with the County faster and easier.

Throughout the yearlong redesign process, we focused on our residents and visitors to create a customer-centered website with better self-service options. We used data and analytics to understand what information is accessed most frequently on our site, and then made it a priority to make that information easy to find. 

We also conducted user testing with Linn County residents to test our changes and to gather feedback on any other improvements that we should make to the website.

Examples of the new features and functionality include: 

  • A new homepage layout that provides easy access to County news, meeting agendas, enhanced County events calendars and the ability to subscribe to notifications via email or text message
  • Mobile responsiveness, which allows residents and visitors to access the website from any device – computers, smartphones or tablets – because the website will automatically resize itself to fit the device screen
  • New access buttons that provide one-click access to some of the most frequently visited areas of the website. These buttons appear on the homepage as well as underneath the content of all interior pages.
  • Improved global navigation with clear navigation terms and mega menus that make it easier to find and access information by types of service or directly by department. With the new menus, visitors do not need to be versed in departments and structure to find what they are looking for.
  • An enhanced search bar function with predictive search that offers suggestions as you type in your search terms
  • A font sizing option that allows visitors to increase the font size of the interior pages with a mouse click

Linn County’s redesigned website, using analytics and feedback from user testing, is an extension of Linn County’s Customer-Centered Culture and countywide efforts to increase customer satisfaction. 

With the new website, Linn County will be able to increase its community engagement and enhance communication with residents.

Explore our website today to see all the improvements we’ve made to make your online experience better than ever.