Criminal Division

The detectives of the Criminal Division conducts crime scene processing activities, follow up investigations on initial crime reports, initiates narcotics and vice investigations. The Sheriff’s Office has a 70% case clearance rate, well above the national average. The deputies also work burglaries, robberies, thefts, frauds, assaults, harassment’s, stolen vehicles, and sexual abuse. One of the detectives is also assigned full-time to the local Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force.

The Criminal Division is responsible for maintaining officer’s investigative reports, accident/theft reports, fingerprinting, Sex Offender Registry and issue permits to acquire and carry handguns. This office has support staff that may also assist you in obtaining copies of accident/criminal reports, Iowa driver’s license records, or criminal history checks. This information may be available by contacting the Sheriff’s Office during normal business hours (Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm), the fee (PDF) is expected at time of request. The Sheriff is the official Custodian of the Records.

Sheriff’s Office has a property/evidence room open Monday - Friday 8am to 4pm. To inquire about found property, contact Sgt Shawn Ireland 319-892-6114 or email To pick up property or to ask questions about your property, please call or email Sgt Ireland. You may also contact the Linn County Auditor 319-892-5300 to inquire about lost/found property. The Sheriff’s Office stores the lost/found property and the Auditor’s Office is the custodian of it.

Safety Tips/Links: 

View the pamphlet Preventing Burglary- A Citizens Guide (PDF)