Research for Campaigning

How can I see results from past elections?

Visit our election results web page for the following information:

  • Election results since 2000
  • Sample ballots since 2008
  • Write-ins and demographic information since 2010

You can visit our office to look up results for elections between 1972 and 2000. You can buy paper copies of past election results from our office for 25 cents per page.

What about other statistics?

Visit our Statistics page to find the following information:

  • Current month's voter registration demographics
  • Voter turnout by election type since 1990
  • Cost per vote for elections since 2003
  • Census populations from 2000 and 2010

What if I want maps?

Our office provides many kinds of maps to view, download, or buy. Visit our Election Maps & GIS Data page to view and download maps.